Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A brief introduction...

So here is me 38, can't spell for toffee and new to the world of blogging. How can it not be a riotous success!

I've been reading so many beer review blogs and other beer related columns recently and kind of wanted to join in the fun. However the question remained what, within the gamut of beer topics to write about?

  • Craft Beer reviews? Already done by many and done well. 
  • My home brewing? Easy to talk about but not sure how interesting to the world at large, one of my main aims is to help spread the word about craft beer so I have discounted this as a main topic. 
  • My pipe-dream of setting up a microbrewery in Epsom? For another day and another blog.
Not much to go on there...but what about the crossover between Beer and my other passions? Cricket, Lacrosse and Food.
  • Beer and Cricket. Well my cricket circles certainly drink plenty of beer and I play in a beer sponsored league but not much of it is craft beer and I'm sure by the 3rd week of the season talking about drinking many pints of London Pride and talking bollocks about cricket would be a bit old hat.
  • Beer and Lacrosse. See Beer and Cricket except without the beer sponsor on the league.
  • Beer and Food. Well I have just got a copy of The Brewmaster's Table, my knowledge of matching beer and food is basic at the moment but I do expect it to improve. Not totally original but less crowded then pure beer reviews ...  just perhaps we have a goer here.
So this is a long winded way of saying this will be a blog about Beer and Food. beer with food reviews, cooking with beer, beer in restaurants and perhaps a specific home brewing project to come up with the ultimate beer to match with a special curry dinner.

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