Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Golden Pints....

The golden pints awards... the brainchild of Mark Dredge and Andy Mogg ... All very good stuff but I am going slightly off piste with my questions.

Start off with the Sub 4% beers

Least Boring Brown Beer - Brewdog, Dead Pony Club

Least Boring Pale Beer - The Kernel, Table beer 

Least Boring Black beer - Mikkeler, Milk stout

A few awards for proper beers

Most interesting Beer - De Struisse, Black Damnation III Black Meas

Most interesting Beer in a can - Adnams, Ghost Ship

Most interesting home brewed beer - Andy Parker's Nelson Saison

Pubs and Bars

Most interesting Pub - The Grove, Huddersfield

Most interesting new London Pub - The Earl of Essex, Islington

Most interesting Brewpub (beer) - The Cock Tavern, Hackney

Most interesting Brewpub (food) - The Bull, Highgate ... Chicken wings!

Least Boring Pub Chain - The Craft Beer Co


Most interesting brewery to drink at - Magic Rock during the Beer bloggers conference

Most interesting brewery to buy beer at - The Kernel

Best place to work - The Anthill


Most interesting Festival To Drink At: Borefts Festival at De Molen. 

Least Boring CAMRA Festival - Pigs Ear Festival in Hackney (every beer either very good or very very bad)


Most interesting Beer event - Beer Bloggers Conference, Leeds

Most interesting Brewery Launch - By the Numbers at the Craft Beer Co

The Bad

Most over hyped on twitter beer event - Zanwze Launch at the Earl of Essex, I feel sorry for those interested who did not turn up for fear of queues out the door.  Good event though.

Most over hyped beer - Just about any limited release from Brewdog

Worst beer - Joint award - Brewdog and Flying Dog, International Arms race. 

Need a New Mortgage Award - The Craft Beer Co. I still find myself going there regularly though.

Fastest Drain-pour - My batch of decadence stout that made a mess of many a kitchen as I bottled it too early. Only a drain pour of you were lucky enough to open over a sink. The keg tasted great though. ;-)