Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Golden Pints....

The golden pints awards... the brainchild of Mark Dredge and Andy Mogg ... All very good stuff but I am going slightly off piste with my questions.

Start off with the Sub 4% beers

Least Boring Brown Beer - Brewdog, Dead Pony Club

Least Boring Pale Beer - The Kernel, Table beer 

Least Boring Black beer - Mikkeler, Milk stout

A few awards for proper beers

Most interesting Beer - De Struisse, Black Damnation III Black Meas

Most interesting Beer in a can - Adnams, Ghost Ship

Most interesting home brewed beer - Andy Parker's Nelson Saison

Pubs and Bars

Most interesting Pub - The Grove, Huddersfield

Most interesting new London Pub - The Earl of Essex, Islington

Most interesting Brewpub (beer) - The Cock Tavern, Hackney

Most interesting Brewpub (food) - The Bull, Highgate ... Chicken wings!

Least Boring Pub Chain - The Craft Beer Co


Most interesting brewery to drink at - Magic Rock during the Beer bloggers conference

Most interesting brewery to buy beer at - The Kernel

Best place to work - The Anthill


Most interesting Festival To Drink At: Borefts Festival at De Molen. 

Least Boring CAMRA Festival - Pigs Ear Festival in Hackney (every beer either very good or very very bad)


Most interesting Beer event - Beer Bloggers Conference, Leeds

Most interesting Brewery Launch - By the Numbers at the Craft Beer Co

The Bad

Most over hyped on twitter beer event - Zanwze Launch at the Earl of Essex, I feel sorry for those interested who did not turn up for fear of queues out the door.  Good event though.

Most over hyped beer - Just about any limited release from Brewdog

Worst beer - Joint award - Brewdog and Flying Dog, International Arms race. 

Need a New Mortgage Award - The Craft Beer Co. I still find myself going there regularly though.

Fastest Drain-pour - My batch of decadence stout that made a mess of many a kitchen as I bottled it too early. Only a drain pour of you were lucky enough to open over a sink. The keg tasted great though. ;-)


  1. Thanks Gregg - will send some Saison your way when I re-brew it.

    An interesting take on the awards and some great calls here. Hope to visit the cock tavern more next year, definitely.

  2. Yummm Cheers won the most closely contented category in my mind....had a boat load of great homebrew this year.

    I have been back to the Cock a couple of times. Excellent place to visit.

  3. Good shout Gregg - big shout in mine going out to Dan for getting in to the industry and doing the thing he loves. Off to The Earl of Essex tomorrow for exactly the reason you mentioned, great new place. When are we gonna do the Westy event at yours. Feb time?

  4. Yes Chuffed for Dan... Not sure on the timing of the westy tasting, Andy was on the case. As long as we get a bit of notice we can do it.

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