Thursday, 1 December 2011

Photoblog: Saturday at Weyerbacher

While meandering about the East coast of the USA we happened to be in Pennsylvania where the locals suggested we make the detour to Easton on a Saturday to visit the nice people at the Weyerbacher brewery
Here is what we found:

 Well it took us a while to find. Tucked away up what appeared to be a nice residential street we finally came across the little sign.

 Plenty of beers

 A flashy beer menu.
 Some interesting branding. Insanity is Blithering Idiot aged in oak bourbon casks.

 Craft beer, brewed in small batches...

...and served in small measures... there was no shortage of people at the bar.

 So on with the tour with our guide Billy not that Billy Bragg...but he does get a proper glass (jealous)!

 These barrels have something interesting and sour in them, no tasters unfortunately.

 The Homebrewers Tap. Some of the workers at Weyerbacher are homebrewers, here is where they showcase their beers to the rest of the staff.

 The tour was interesting...

 ...and Billy was knowledgeable about the beers even though he is not one of the brewers himself. 

 Rented Kegs with the previous labels still on there or a lot of brewery swaps?

 The Big Bottling line

 Little Brother of Bottling Line...hopefully not bottling from the little room behind it!

The only drawback of the visit was not Weyerbacher's fault. The crazy Pennsylvania state laws state that we could only buy a case of 24 beers, no single bottles, no six packs but you could get growlers.  We did not have that long to go with our trip so all we could go was get a growler of the fantastic harvest ale.

Anyone in Pennsylvania should make the effort to go visit these great people and fantastic beer. For UK people wanting to try Weyerbacher beer, it is available in bottles in the Craft Beer Co and the Cask Pub and Kitchen.


  1. Cheers, Folks! It was great to meet you! Glad you had fun!

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